Maulana Saeed Ahmad Advices mistakes and Solution

Maulana Saeed Ahmad Makki Rahimullah said 
 We dont know the work of Dawah so There will be mistakes. The remedy of mistakes are seeking Allah forgiveness and dua and  to continue the work. There is no use of discussing mistakes (of others).
If we will engage busy ourself in Gasht Taleem Mashwara Tashkeel  Khidmat Ibadat Namaz at Night and Dua at Night Zikr of Allah then it will increase Ulfat Muhabbat between us and will also increase the work of Dawah

(Makatib Part 1 Page 111)

Maulana Saeed Ahmad Makki Rahimullah said 

One thing should be very clear in our mind that we should save ourselves from conflict (Ikhtalafat) and not to leave work of Dawah for a single moment. 
The method to achieve this is to do work of Dawah like a low profile (Sipah COMMON WORKER) should not behave like a commander or leader.. 
Dont order rather do request and suggestion only. This also brings Ikhlas/ Sincerity of intention and correct our soul also.

(Makatib Part 1 Page 110)

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